God Works

Most people who are really enthusiastic about their faith immediately think of so-called “spiritual” vocations, such as priest or pastor, when they talk about work. But how about simply making a spiritual difference in a secular profession? Jesus chose this option – and for the longest part of his life. The amazing thing is that his eighteen years as a construction worker were an immensely long time compared to his only three-year public mission project – especially since he had a unique calling.


Jesus Heals. Today.

The world has long yearned for healing, and even more: for holistic restoration. The good news is: it does exist, someone who can bring us peace - without any side effects. But why do people have such a hard time with Jesus Christ - as a healer? Away from church organisations and religiosity, I would like to invite you to ask yourself the following, perhaps somewhat challenging question: Can there ever be anything more reasonable than trusting the one who made our bodies? If he exists and is waiting for you, why not take a step towards him?


Church vs. Service Organization

In many congregations today, we observe the desire to become more and more professional. Even houses of prayer, which want to emphasize prayer’s simplicity, appreciate their professional musicians. It is noticeable how congregations make their service offerings more extensive and how advertising is becoming even more elaborate. Simultaneously, one might ask the question: Does it make sense to offer the right service for every need so that the number of consumers keeps growing? Or are we not developing more in the direction of a modern service company with our communities? Do we have to keep perfecting our programs so that performance and service quality continuously increase?